Work Efficiently, Not Hard

Work Efficiently, Not Hard

Do you consider the office as a “second home”? Do you continually burn yourself out with work thinking you will have more success? Then sadly, you are very wrong if you think this way.

New research at the University of Padova, Italy reveals that workaholism is harmful both to the health of employees and to their achievements. Therefore they advise you not to work hard, but to work efficiently.

Increasing psycho-physical efforts only increases the chances of getting sick. And hence you are not so productive at work, even-though you give a maximum effort.

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Also, if you carry the work at home, and constantly work overtime, the chances of recovering from a hard-working day drop significantly. And that increases the chances of being overworked and tired during the next day and the next day after that and so on.

The researchers studied employees in a private company. They came to the conclusion that if you work hard, you reduce the efficiency of your work. Because you are unable to be productive at the highest level constantly.

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