How Much Do You Earn? Learn How To Answer This Question

How Much Do You Earn? Learn How To Answer This Question

How much do you earn is a question that many people often ask. And for many people, this issue is not a very pleasant one.

Sometimes it is because we do not make a whole lot of money. And sometimes because we simply find it uncomfortable.

In the private life, when an acquaintance asks you how much you earn, and you do not want to answer that question, the most pleasant thing to do is to try to bypass the conversation.

However, this can backfire of course. If your acquaintance is not much socially calibrated to read such cues, he will simply repeat the same question.

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And if a person persistently insists on finding out how much your salary is, let them bluntly know that it is none of their business.

This, however, can also have side effects. It can hurt the other person’s feelings and his view and opinion about you.

There is also a scenario when you are applying for a new job and get asked this same question.

Do you need to answer it?

No, you should not answer this question. When you are at a job interview, the salary from the last place you worked at should not have anything to do with the one you expect at the new job.

Why do employers want to know this information?

It is considered to be a way for easier elimination of candidates. If you have earned much more at the last place you worked at compared to what this place offers, your resume is likely to end up in trash.

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Everyone expects to be assessed according to their skills, experience and potential that they possess. You would not want to be eliminated because of the salary you earned at your previous job.

That’s why career experts always argue that you must never be the first to mention money in order to avoid potential inconveniences.

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