What Does The Research Say About Successful Managers?

What Does The Research Say About Successful Managers?

New scientific research on management indicates which universal features are needed for successful managers.

Research has been done on 9,000 sales managers from different countries. It is believed that the same performance features can be attributed to all types of managerial positions: production manager, account manager, executive manager of the enterprise, etc.

Modest rather than arrogant.

Unsuccessful managers constantly order employees what and how to do it and are totally unbearable. And successful managers do not have such a big ego, they allow employees to participate in the decision-making process.

Flexible rather than rigid.

In order to successfully manage the given situation at work, managers need to be prepared and adaptable to changes in their internal and external business environment and transfer that culture to their employees.

Sincere instead of ambiguous.

The biggest mistake of managers is when they manipulate their employees by telling them the half-truth about an issue or a problem that happens in their company.

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This way, employees will only feel offended and become disloyal and unproductive as soon as they realize the actual situation.

Planning instead of improvisation.

You need to have a plan and strategy on paper in advance. You have to know where your company will move and make sure that your employees understand it well.

Accurate rather than uncertain.

This means that you need to have clear set goals expressed quantitatively in numbers and measures. Thus employees will know clearly and exactly what you expect of them.

Calmness instead of temperament.

When faced with problems in your company, instead of yelling and scaring your employees, try to listen carefully, review all options and decide calmly for the best approach.

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