Discover Where Your Increased Appetite Originates

Discover Where Your Increased Appetite Originates

Are you experiencing food as a means of meeting the basic physical needs to maintain good health? Or is it your reward, consolation or part of the social activities? If you want to fight the problem with an increased appetite you will first have to locate the cause.

Main psychological causes of increased appetite

How often are you going to get into a state in which you are overeating, and have not planned it or wanted it?

You may have allowed yourself to starve and then overdo it. But it is very likely that this has happened for two main psychological reasons.

The first one is the desire for socialization and comfort. And the second one is a reward for something that has happened to you or concerns you.

1. Desire for socialization

In our culture, food has a central place in social interaction. Very often we meet friends, relatives or a partner for launch, dinner, snack or dessert, which is especially pronounced during the holiday season.

The full table means good fellowship, and in that case it is difficult to stand out from the group. If you do not participate in these “rituals” it will mean that you do not participate in socializing.

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And if you get involved, the chances are high that you will eat much more than what you wanted. Which is a result of a false sense of increased appetite that comes from the desire for active participation in social activities.

This is a general problem that most of us fight. But it is especially difficult for those who are trying to get rid of excess weight.

To cope with increased appetite in situations like this, when you may not even need food at all, try to organize social interactions that do not involve food.

And in situations where food is inevitable, you can ask your loved one to remind you to control your appetite and not overdo it.

2. Wanting consolation or reward in food

The second major psychological cause of increased appetite is the connection of food emotions. Many people turn to food in situations of stress, anxiety, depression, or excitement.

Then it becomes a means of calming and dealing with emotional states. Taking into account the stressful times in which we live today, this can easily result in serious health disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and the likes.

If you have noticed that one of these conditions encourages you to consume a large amount of food, be sure to look for a way to replace this habit with a healthier and more constructive alternative.

Exercise is a great remedy for this and is the first solution I recommend. But you can also help yourself with a simple walk in the park or by arranging the space you are in. Reading, writing, listening to music, drawing, and everything that can successfully dispel your thoughts from food in such situations.

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The most important thing is to find out what the cause of the feeling of increased appetite is, when physiologically the body does not need food.

Then you can make a plan how to deal with it. Build a new relationship with food, whatever it is that will be your medicine and source of energy. And most of all, do not bother with what you did previously.

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