These Are The 10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits

These Are The 10 Most Expensive Men's Suits

Do you know that there are men’s suits that are more expensive than a villa or a car? The most expensive men’s suits are available at prices that can leave you speechless.

However, there are some men who can afford these suits and therefore they are produced in numbers.

Here are the 10 most expensive ones:

10. Brook’s Brothers $14,500

9. Ermenegildo Zegna $20,000

8. William Fioravanti $22,000

7. World Record Challenge Cup $28,000

6. Brioni Vanquish II $43,000

5. Desmond Merrion $47,000

4. Kiton K-5 $50,000

3. William Westmancott $75,000

2. Alexander Amosu $101,890

1. Stuart Hughes Suit $892,980

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