Why Is Digital Literacy Important For Young People?

Why Is Digital Literacy Important For Young People?

Digital literacy – the skill that today is as important as reading and writing, but less commonly understood in the right context.

Although youngsters are beginning to use digital devices from an increasingly young age, informal use essentially does not help much in developing skills that they will need for further personal and professional upgrading.

The ability to use gaming and entertainment devices is not a definition of digital literacy among young people.

Digital literacy is much more than accepting new technologies, using social media, or creating and monitoring photo and video content.

It is the ability to use digital technologies as tools for creating, selecting and connecting information from multiple sources. All those in multiple formats, and their use to improve the effectiveness in any field – learning, working, etc.

The formal tests conducted so far show a high level of digital literacy among young people. But regardless, this topic remains quite relevant for thinking and acting in the direction of its improvement.

We live in a time when digital literacy is equally necessary to attain both personal and professional ambitions. It is mandatory in almost every field of action. Because it allows seemingly complex tasks to be performed in a much simpler and more efficient way with better results.

In this way, any improvement from the aspect of digital literacy in every single individual contributes to the promotion of economic and social life through increased productivity.

It is therefore important to keep in mind that by securing a digital device for children we do not help in upgrading their digital abilities.

We need to focus our attention on the way and purposes in which they use the devices and knowledge. As well as the areas in which they are practically using them. Only in this way can we contribute to their personal and collective progress.

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