What Is The Function Of The Little Pocket On The Jeans?

What Is The Function Of The Little Pocket On The Jeans?

Have you ever wondered why the little pocket on the jeans is there for? You can only put two fingers in it, and at first thought it seems totally impractical.

However, in the past, this small pocket was quite practical because it was intended for people who wore pocket watches. This idea originates in the distant 1879 when the first popular Levi’s jeans were produced.

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At the beginning of their jeans there were 4 pockets, one was on the back, two in front and that small pocket.

And since wristwatches weren’t invented at the time, pocket watches were a must have accessory for every man. With the introduction of these jeans with a little pocket, it was quite revolutionary and adequate for the pocket watch to be placed in this little pocket.

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