Only One Cup Of This Drink Can Solve Your Slow Metabolism Problem

Only One Cup Of This Drink Can Solve Your Slow Metabolism Problem

Gin, people either love it or can’t stand it. If you have excess weight and a slow metabolism, alcohol is probably the last thing that comes to your mind as a possible solution.

But a survey conducted at the University of Sigulda in Lithuania has shown that gin can ease the problems of digestion. And also slightly accelerate the consumption of calories.

During the experiment, scientists divided the mice into two groups. One group of mice drank water, and the other received a little gin. Afterwards, the consumption of calories was measured.

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It turned out that mice who drank a little gin accelerated their metabolism by 17 percent. While those only “on water” had no changes in metabolism.

“Gin consumption significantly accelerates metabolism, indicating the possibility that this alcoholic beverage can boost weight-loss,” says the author of the study, PhD. Tisa Lisaid.

Even-though the research has been done on mice, you have to admit that a little gin will not hurt you. Quite the contrary, and in fact you have a “scientific justification” to enjoy this beverage.

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