Fashion Rule: Invest In A Gray Blazer

Fashion Rule: Invest In A Gray Blazer
Blazers are a great fashionable piece for men who want to look elegant. Not only are they comfortable, they fit perfectly into different combinations as well.

Blazers can be found in different colors and styles, so sometimes it’s difficult to decide what we need. I think that the gray blazer is the ultimate fashion piece one should posses, because it is neutral and easier to combine with other garments.

In addition, here are a couple of examples with the blazer as the centerpiece:

Gray blazer and white shirt

Perfect elegant combination that will make you look attractive and seductive. Dress like this and you will be able to attend different occasions.

Gray blazer and black turtleneck

The most powerful and most elegant combination of them all. The black color is perfectly combined with gray color, so the blazer in combination with a black turtleneck is a complete hit.

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Gray blazer with black pants

Another unmistakable combination that will give you an irresistible style. Black pants go well with almost every color of blazer, especially with the gray one.

Gray blazer and denim jeans

Denim is the most popular type of jeans and the blue denim perfectly suits this blazer.

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