6 Fashion Postulates Of The Modern Gentleman

6 Fashion Postulates Of The Modern Gentleman

The secret of the modern gentleman is knowing his style, nurturing it and a few habits to which he holds dearly.

Here are 6 fashion postulates of the modern gentleman:

The gentleman plans in advance

With this simple habit you can save many hours a year. Plan in advance what you will wear the next morning. Instead of wasting time getting dressed the next day, spend time with a breakfast with your loved ones.

The gentleman is not afraid to take risks

To emphasize the gentleman, he must sometimes take some risk when it comes to style.

The gentleman knows the difference in style and fashion

Style is a work of personal choice, it is timeless, and does not change in different seasons. Fashion on the other hand is short-lived, temporary and varies from season to season.

The gentleman wants a simple approach

A simple but important approach. Simplicity is essentially the best way to achieve a good style. It can be achieved with neutral colors.

The gentleman deliberately makes decisions

In other words, believe in your instinct. What your instinct tells you will be a good choice, use it and dress like it.

The gentleman does not think about the brand of a wardrobe

No matter how fashionable a piece is or what name it carries, your style does not depend on having a Hugo Boss suit, if you have a cheaper costume that is great for you. It is important to feel comfortable in what you wear.

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