How To Look Like A Real British Gentleman This Winter

How To Look Like A Real British Gentleman This Winter

The luxurious tailor brand Kingsman, brings us a blend of essential classic pieces of clothing exclusively for men with style. Initially created for the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, this brand shows us the style of the real British gentleman.

And whether it’s about secret agents, top spies or just men with style, Kingsman gives us insights into the new fashion collection. The new fashion collection is made exclusively of top-quality materials such as cashmere, cloth and velvet.

There are numerous accessories such as ties, cuff-links, sunglasses, wallets, belts, silk handkerchiefs, socks and shoes.

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A lot of the elements are created to form the legendary character of the great seducer and spy James Bond. Cocktails, cars, women and of course clothes.

Especially relevant are the unique pieces of clothing with Kingsman’s signature, created precisely for one key reason – for any “ordinary” man to be able to feel like a real British gentleman with a good and smart choice of appropriate pieces of clothing.

My favorite is definitely the cloth suit in a petroleum blue shade and a double-breasted camel coat.

And which one is your favorite?

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