Conor McGregor – What Does The Famous Fighter’s Diet Look Like?

Conor McGregor - What Does The Famous Fighter's Diet Look Like

Throughout his career, Conor McGregor takes great care of what kind of food he consumes. In an interview, he reveals the basic principles of his diet.

“I pretty much remain consistent when it comes to nutrition in the face of the fights I’m expecting. I do not want to experiment too much, I just try to keep on eating healthy, not just over a period of time.”

Even-though Conor always emphasizes his origins as a proud Irishman, there are some traditions that are not part of his routine, but are part of his country’s lifestyle, such as drinking during the weekends.

“I consume water or coconut water. Hydration is a very important thing. And the first thing I do in the morning is to drink a glass of water and stretch out. I consume quality meat: chicken, salmon, beef combined with vegetables and fruits, especially bananas. Here, of course, are the eggs that I usually consume in the form of omelets. I’m avoiding carbohydrates, but I’m a great fan of sweet potato,” says the famous MMA fighter.

Proteins are important for maintaining physical vitality, and they are an unavoidable segment in the diet of McGregor.

“Adequate protein intake is very important during the preparations for fights. Because they help me build muscle strength and regenerate, and I take most of them in the form of supplements. I especially emphasize those proteins that do not contain abundant carbohydrates and fats.”

“I’m constantly joking that after finishing my career I will finally be able to enjoy things that are now forbidden to me, such as sweets. Basically, I love healthy things because I know that they are very useful to me when it comes to my career,” adds Conor McGregor.

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