Win Her Heart With These 8 Phrases

Win Her Heart With These 8 Phrases

What do women want? In truth, women want a lot of things, but when you want to win over a girl’s heart always look to use the right words and phrases.

These 8 phrases are more than enough to win over her heart and make her truly be your girl:

1. You look gorgeous

Women can not do without these three things: good food, good clothes and good compliments.

2. You are outstanding in bed

If you notice that she is a little conservative in bed, tell her that you enjoy being in bed with her.

3. You will be a really cool mother

Most women want to be young mothers. So no matter how unreasonable it is, tell her that she will deal very well with that role.

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4. Do you want to spend your life with me?

It does not matter if you really mean it or think of it. With this, she will only consider you as a serious guy in a different way.

5. You are my friend

If you have been together for a long time, show her that she is not just someone who attracts you. Show her that she is a person with whom you would spend your entire life and that you think of her as your friend too.

6. I am very happy to have you

If your life is more beautiful when you are with her, than I do not see any reason not to tell her this.

7. You always know what I am thinking

If you notice that she always buys you things you really like and if you have similar situations, always share it with her.

8. I love you

Although it’s not easy to say this sentence, many girls consider these three words as the most important ones.

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