A Guide To Men’s Elegant Shoes

A Guide To Men's Elegant Shoes

Have you ever bought a great pair of shoes and only after did you conclude that they actually do not fit with half your clothes? In fact, not all types of men’s elegant shoes are multi-functional.

So, depending on the occasion that you will attend, some shoes are, for example, a more suitable choice than others. Given the fact that quality elegant shoes can be really expensive, it is often hard work, when buying new elegant and appropriate shoes.

Therefore, I have put together a small guide to men’s elegant shoes to remove all the mysteries and problems with this scenario.

Here’s what you need to look out for when choosing the right type of shoe for your next elegant adventure.


Originally known as Balmorals in England, the Oxofords are leather shoes with a relatively low front part, bound with laces and have a non-rubberized heel. However, in the past, the Oxofords were made of elk leather or synthetic material. But regardless of the material used, they are always simple, with little or no decorations on them.

Like most men’s elegant shoes, the Oxfords come in different colors and are generally considered comfortable shoes that are suitable for a wide range of events. For example, the basic black Oxfords will be quite enough for you.

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Semi-formal or contemporary elegant events also require you to choose the Oxford, although you can choose between different colors in this case.

However, for a sophisticated look, choose an Oxford of a cognac color to leave a strong impression. For formal meetings, opt for the black Oxfords made of matte or shiny leather, with minimal heel and sole.


The moccasins first appeared in the first half of the 20th century. They are considered elegant shoes that can be worn in sporty combinations.

The biggest feature of the moccasins is the lack of laces or buttons and straps. Traditionally, they are made of leather and usually have a wide and fairly flat heel.

Many moccasins are often decorated, however, that trend today seems to be overlooked. Penny moccasins have a belt through the upper part of the shoes, which was originally used for carrying trimmings or decorations.

Brogue shoes with a round tip

These shoes are essentially decorated Oxford shoes. Men’s elegant shoes can be decorated in different ways, but the rounded tip in Oxfords is most common today.

Although Oxfords are usually without excessive supplements in the upper and lower part of the tip, in contrast to them, brogue shoes usually have an additional layer or piece of leather over their tip.

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This additional part can be a clear and simple line. And shoes such as these should still be kept for special occasions and combined only with clothes of the same quality.

Everything else about these shoes is generally the same as in ordinary Oxfords. The only thing that separates them is the big piece of leather on the tip which gives more importance.

Chelsea boots

The Chelsea boots are elegant, ankle-deep and with small heels, which are extremely comfortable.

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For example, the boots shown below, fit perfectly to this criteria. These types of boots can often be decorated with small perforated parts.

These boots will look fantastic with elegant, but also casual clothes, such as designed pants or jeans.

Strapped shoes

These shoes are similar to the moccasins as they also do not have laces. And moccasins are usually simple or have some kind of ornament.

The strapped shoes have a metal buckle and a leather strap in the upper part of the shoe. A common feature of these shoes is the rounded tip, while the leather strap is most often over your toes.

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Although they look sophisticated, the wider heel often gives them a slightly more relaxed look. Therefore, these shoes would be a great choice for elegant pants or casual jeans.


If we are talking about prices, you should probably have to spend a little higher on high-quality shoes. Which means that you will need to set aside a lot of money just for footwear.

However, if you take into consideration the fact that these shoes, especially if they are high-quality, could serve you for years, they are in fact, a reasonable long-term investment.

When buying elegant shoes, the most important thing to pay attention to is the quality of the leather. Regardless of the occasion you are buying them for, first-class elegant shoes should be made of smooth, delicate leather, and should have a narrow and thin profile.

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