Swimming – 5 Benefits Of This Basic Sport

Swimming - 5 Benefits Of This Basic Sport

If you intend to fulfill your fitness goals, to lose weight, improve your fitness and build strong muscles, then swimming is the right choice for you, because this sport allows you to do everything.

In addition, swimming provides activation of muscles of the entire body with minimal risk of injury.

Former triathlon and swimming coach Annie Emerson reveals the most important benefits of this basic sport.

Improves cardiac performance

With swimming you will become fitter, especially if you often practice and have a good technique.

“It’s true when they say that when you have a better technique, you will get the most out of swimming. Especially in terms of fitness and cardio capacity,” says Emerson.

Activating every muscle in the body

Often we are surprised by the form of swimmers at the big competitions. It is quite clear that a few laps in your local pool will not transform your body into the way you want, but it will definitely affect the activation of the muscles of the entire body, making them bigger and stronger.

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Although some people have a genetic structure that enables faster muscle formation compared to others, swimming at the same time works on your weaknesses and additionally improves your strengths.

No risk of injury

Due to water resistance, it provides the opportunity for a high-quality exercise without excessive exposure to upper and lower extremities.

“Swimming is one of the few sports where the chances of injury are minimal. The only problem is small inflammation of the muscles and tendons, but that’s all,” says the former triathlon.

Reducing excess weight

Physical activity in water is a great way for overweight people to change the appearance of their body. Although swimming does not consume as much calories as some intense sports, in the long run it provides more physical changes.

Mental component

The pool or the sea is the perfect place for mental relaxation and isolation from the rest of the world. The pool is a safe place, especially when there are not many swimmers, as opposed to say running, where you have to be careful about the traffic and the ground you are running on. Also, swimming is considered one of the best anti-stress therapies.

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