Slow Fitness Progress – 5 Most Common Mistakes After A Workout

Slow Fitness Progress - 5 Most Common Mistakes After A Workout

Do you feel like you have a slow fitness progress? You have been training for quite a while now and the results just aren’t showing. Well, for starters, when you complete your workout, you have only really completed half of it.

The following are the mistakes that almost everyone does and if you avoid these mistakes than your fitness progress will be guaranteed:

1. You skip a proper warm down

When you finish the workout, do not forget to stretch the muscles that you have targeted during exercise. Not only will you accelerate their regeneration, but also enhance their flexibility and muscle growth.

2. You wait too long for an after workout meal

After intensive training, your body has a serious need for different nutrients, especially amino acids and carbohydrates. These nutrients will help the body recover the muscle cells and support the exhausted nervous system. Therefore, try to eat a nutritious meal no later than 30 minutes after exercise.

3. You avoid quickly digestible carbohydrates

As the human body needs to absorb carbohydrates in order to restore the level of glycogen in the muscles, the best option is to consume fast digestible high-glycemic index carbohydrates.

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Foods such as white rice, white potatoes or rice cakes will quickly be absorbed into your bloodstream, which will affect the level of insulin that is in charge of quickly supplying the muscles with the necessary nutrients.

4. You consume fatty foods

Your meal after a workout should consist of carbohydrates and amino acids for rapid muscle fiber recovery. Since fat supplements the digestive system, it’s not too wise to consume them immediately after a physical activity.

5. You have a lack of sleep

Ideally, an hour’s rest after training will recharge your batteries and restore the nervous system. Fitness experts advise you to avoid physically strenuous after-workout activities, and your routine should consist of relaxation, rest and a quality meal. Heavy weight training is effective only if you rest your body afterwards.

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