4 Books For Investment That You Should Read

4 Books For Investment That You Should Read

In order to be fully in control of your finances and become a master in this field, it is important to fully understand all the concepts and developments in the financial market. Part of this is learned through schooling, part of it through practice, and part through books and advice of successful managers.

When it comes to investing, these four titles received the most sympathy:

1. The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks

Practical examples are certainly one of the best ways to learn something new. Howard through this book describes and shares various investment tips, financial decisions, market comments. Howard worked with numerous successful clients through his role as director of Oaktree Capital Managment.

2. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

The title has been published since 1949, and to date it has received numerous updates and comments on current markets.

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The book’s main point is related to the idea of ​​investing in value and achieving long-term goals. Warren Buffet called it the best book for investment.

3. Interviews With Top Traders by Market Wizards

In this classic book in the world of investment books, interviews are presented with some of the most famous investors to discuss how to make a real financial decision.

4. One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch

This book teaches you how to think a few steps forward and be in front of a company that will soon become big.

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