Prepare Yourself For A Heavenly Spectacle On 31st January

Prepare Yourself For A Heavenly Spectacle On 31st January

At the end of this month, we will experience one of the most beautiful nights, at least when it comes to observing the moon. Namely, on January 31, a heavenly spectacle will occur with three events which hadn’t occurred for more than 150 years.

The event that is described as the darkening of the Blue Super-moon will be a spectacular phenomenon. And here’s what actually happens.

First, the moon will appear up to 30 percent larger and brighter than usual, a phenomenon called the Super Moon. The super-moon is a rather unusual phenomenon, and it is significant in itself, but it’s just the beginning.

Secondly, the full moon that will appear on January 31 is Blue Moon. It does not mean that it will look different or that it is blue-colored, rather that this is the second time the moon is full for a month. It happens every three years.

The third and possibly the most significant one so far, the lunar eclipse will be seen the same night. This happening will be the reason for the moon to receive a red color.

This mysterious appearance, which often emits a reddish tinge, due to the way the atmosphere doubles in light, is the reason why the total eclipse of the moon is sometimes called the Bloody Moon.

Unlike the first two phenomena, the third will be visible only in some parts of the world. Because it depends on the alignment of the moon, the sun, and the earth.

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