Tea May Affect The Epigenetic Changes In People

Tea May Affect The Epigenetic Changes In People

It is already known that many external factors and lifestyles can affect epigenetic changes. And a good example of this is choosing the way we eat, smoke or expose ourselves to harmful chemicals.

Epigenetics is a science that studies the modifications in the body that influence which genes are excluded, and which involved.

A new study, conducted at Uppsala University, proves that tea drinking in women can be associated with epigenetic changes in 28 different genetic regions that can be associated with cancer or metabolism of estrogens.

The same changes were not observed when coffee was consumed. And, generally, the same was not observed in men who regularly consumed tea.

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The survey included DNA samples in more than 3,000 adults who participated in several different surveys in Europe. The analysis was adjusted according to the age, sex and status of the individual in terms of whether he/she is a smoker or not.

In addition, information about the kind of tea is not available. But it is assumed that it is probably black tea, as it is most often consumed.

“We can not say how long and how often a person should consume tea to experience epigenetic changes. But we hope that we will face this issue in our future research,” says Veronica Ek of the department of immunology, genetics and pathology of the University of Uppsala.

In what way these changes are actually related to the actual results remains uncertain. Veronica suggests numerous studies have shown that drinking tea can definitely play an important role in suppressing tumor progression. As well as reducing inflammation and reducing estrogen levels in women.

“The indicated epigenetic changes can be one mechanism behind the observed health effects,” explains Veronica, adding that this theory must be confirmed in larger research.

The study was published in the journal “Human Molecular Genetics”.

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