Volkswagen Tested Toxicity Levels Of Exhaust Gases On Animals

Volkswagen Tested Toxicity Levels Of Exhaust Gases On Animals

The German giant is again at the center of a worldwide scandal, but this time it is much more heinous.

The Wolfsburg company, Volkswagen, funded an experiment on exhaust emissions in 2014. Precisely ten monkeys were tested for the toxicity levels of exhaust gases of their diesel engines. Which are labeled as very toxic to human health. This happened just before the Dieselgate affair exploded.

In a research center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, scientists have forced ten monkeys into a sealed container to inhale toxic exhaust gases from a VW “Buba” diesel engine, while deterring the attention of the orphans by broadcasting cartoons on TVs.

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The New York Times further states that even with this experiment the results were manipulated, showing exhaust emissions lower than the actual percentage. All this in order to mislead the official results of Volkswagen’s gas toxicity levels.

For the scandal to be even bigger, the US media report that this experiment was supported by the German manufacturers Mercedes, BMW and Bosch (the latter is neck-deep involved in Dieselgate, but its role is craftily hidden). And also, VW led the experiment with the help of the European Research Institute.

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A year later, the big fraud Dieselgate was discovered. With the numerous penalties and out-of-court settlements so far, it costs the German producer about 30 billion dollars.

The German state of Lower Saxony, the majority owner of VW, reacted harshly to all of this. They are demanding a full report on the scandal and a guarantee that similar tests will never again happen.

“Allowing animals to breathe exhaust emissions from cars for hours to prove a reduction in toxic substances is terrible and absurd,” said state Prime Minister Stefan Weigl.

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