16 Things That Will Make You A Gentleman In 2018

16 Things That Will Make You A Gentleman In 2018

Some people say that there are no rules in being a gentleman. Others state quite the opposite, that there are hard written rules that a man needs to follow in order to be a gentleman.

I wouldn’t say necessarily that it is either way, rather a mix of the two. There are rules, albeit not hard written, but there are also rules that can and should be broken.

Therefore, just follow these 16 things and you will become a truly modern gentleman in this new year.

1. Never speak behind someone else’s back
2. Work hard
3. Never judge others
4. Understand the difference between self-confidence and arrogance
5. Learn how to cook
6. Tell a few good jokes at dinner
7. Wear fashionable pieces that are great fit for you
8. Always be on time
9. Treat the service staff with respect
10. When you lose, lose with your head held high
11. Visit museums, concerts and the theater
12. Thank everyone
13. Take care of your shoes
14. Be more generous with your time
15. Take more care of your diet
16. Take care of your home

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