Healthy Habits – Why Should You Drink Milk After A Workout

Healthy Habits - Why Should You Drink Milk After A Workout

After workouts, many people consume energy drinks filled with electrolytes and sugar in order to recover energy and regenerate faster. However, there are alternative healthy habits to recover energy and regenerate at a better level.

The latest research shows that another drink is more effective, milk.

In a recent study published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, very interesting data has been found that is related to the impact of milk on training and muscles.

Namely, scientists have been given the task of discovering the re-hydration potential of various drinks when it comes to the number of electrolytes that the human body provides for physical activity.

The study itself included 15 adult men who rode a bicycle through four rounds over several days. During the rides, they lost large amounts of salt and minerals. In order to regenerate faster, after each training they were given various drinks. These drinks varied from cow’s milk, soy milk, milk-based protein drinks to energy drinks.

Subsequently, samples of blood and urine were taken from participants in this study in order to check the level of hydration and nutritional values ​​in the body.

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Of all the drinks, milk allowed the athletes to retain the most fluids. While in second place was protein based milk.

The last place in this category are energy drinks. Although the milk won the flattering title for the best drink after training, the respondents put it in the penultimate spot when it comes to taste, just behind the soy milk.

If fitness enthusiasts are willing to leave the taste aside, then milk is one of the many healthy habits. And also a great drink to recover energy.

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