These Bad Habits Sabotage Your Reputation At Work

These Bad Habits Sabotage Your Reputation At Work

In order for your colleagues to like you more, it isn’t enough just to learn new ways of behavior. It is sometimes necessary to stop working on it and to remove the bad habits that exist.

These are the bad habits that sabotage your reputation, which you are not even aware of in the first place:

You interrupt others while they speak

A very uncultured and arrogant move. Maybe you do have a bright idea or an adequate answer, but for the sake of it, wait for the others to finish talking, then state your intentions.

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If you think you will lose your thought if you wait, then always keep a notebook at hand and write everything down. Try to listen to the other person, rather than thinking about what to answer.

You are late at meetings

Being late in a meeting, especially if your colleagues or boss summons it, is not good. Avoid being remembered as the one who is always late and does not respect the others.

You try multitasking

A person can not do more things simultaneously – when checking your e-mail, you must at least for a moment leave the other task. Perhaps you are used to such dynamics, but it gives the impression that you are nervous and de-concentrated. The working atmosphere should be serious, but also relaxed.

You talk too much

When you present something at a meeting, do it briefly and clearly. If you are overwhelming while speaking, no matter how interesting it is, people will start looking at their watches.

Therefore, bring out the essence and everything else, shorten if you can. It’s better to develop discussion and thus broaden the topic than just talk for hours.

You ignore the order in the kitchen

You can not leave your coffee cup everywhere you want. Everyone has enough work during the day even without your negligence. Be neat – in the kitchen, in the toilet, at your work desk etc.

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Believe me, everyone despises people who are not complying with the responsibilities of the workplace, so avoid making these headaches to your colleagues.

You do not acknowledge your mistakes

The first rule of public relations in times of crisis is the recognition of a mistake. Recognize that you have made a mistake, excuse yourself and look for a way and advice on how to fix the error. Or take it peacefully with the consequences. Such a position of personal responsibility is very respectable.

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