Sex To Remember – 3 Rules For An Unforgettable Pleasure

Sex To Remember - 3 Rules For An Unforgettable Pleasure

The ancient text, Kama Sutra, hides many secrets of sexual pleasure in itself. In addition, read the three most important tips that will burn the passion in your sexual life and give you an unforgettable pleasure.

Many see the Kama Sutra exclusively as a collection of sexual poses, but it is much more than that. Apart from sex, the ancient text also focuses on the relationship between lovers.

Even-though we are talking about tips that are thousands of years old, most of the rules for quality love and sexual intercourse are easy to apply even today.

In addition, read the three most important rules for maximum sexual pleasure.

1. Foreplay is a key part of sex

According to Kama Sutra, there is no good sex without foreplay. For an unforgettable pleasure, foreplay needs to be thoroughly processed. In doing so, foreplay is not only physical.

Kama Sutra says that intimacy is a foreplay, and it includes quality communication and verbal expression of love.

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The author of the text says that it is important to show your partner that you want her and that you need her, and that besides the touches, words have a great role as well.

2. Women have an advantage in orgasm

It is known that men experience an orgasm faster and easier, while women need a bit more stimulation.

Kama Sutra says that women have an advantage when the climax is in question, but if a man insists on it, that means he understands and values ​​her.

3. Sex should be appreciated

According to Kama Sutra, sex is not only a physical pleasure, but something more important than that.

Sex is the way to better communication. And the better it is, the greater the connection between partners and their satisfaction.

The purpose of sex is to create trust, openness, care for your partner as a physical, but also an emotional being.

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