Polluted Air Has A Bad Influence On The Health Of The Heart

Polluted Air Has A Bad Influence On The Health Of The Heart

Scientists at Queen Mary University in London state in a new study that people living in areas with polluted air have a weaker heart compared to people who breathe clean air.

They have found evidence that indicate the high level of harm from exhaust gases, especially when it comes to diesel. Cardiologists recommend that people try to walk away from cars in the course of walking in order to reduce exposure to exhaust gases.

According to the World Health Organization, the mortality caused by air pollution is 25.7% per 100,000 inhabitants. In Sweden it is 0.4%, and in Spain 14.7%. According to the percentages, about 40,000 people are dying because of the air they breathe.

In the study, the researchers used magnetic resonance imaging during a review of 4,255 people. The work of their heart was compared with the annual level of particles of polluted air in areas where they live. These particles are called PM 2.5.

“As PM 2.5 exposure increases, the heart becomes bigger and its function is getting worse,” says Cardiologist Dr. Nei Aung.

That’s why scientists believe that the amount of harmful particles should be reduced.

“There is solid evidence that substances released from diesel are associated with an increased risk of heart attack,” Aung said.

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Because of every 5 micrograms of PM 2.5, the heart rate gets an increase by 4 to 8%. And also a decrease in its work by 2%. Scientists advise avoidance of traffic during hiking or cycling.

“Those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases should avoid hiking in that part of the day when the streets have the most traffic,” says Dr. Nei.

The problem of air pollution and its impact on our organism was not known before. It was only recently discovered that particles of the air come to our bloodstream through the lungs.

Scientists are calling for certain measures against polluted air. Because it affects badly not only our lungs, but also our heart.

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