Test Your Intelligence – Short 3 Question IQ Test

Test Your Intelligence - Short 3 Question IQ Test

One of the main characteristics of a gentleman is to think rationally, to think before answering a question and to know how to work with his intuition. Today I will present you an IQ test that is very short and consists of only three questions, and it will give you an answer to whether you are able to reason rationally.

This test was made by psychologist Shane Frederick in 2005 for The Journal of Economic Perspectives.

Gentlemen, think before answering. But keep in mind that sometimes over-thinking can distract you from the answer.

1. Stick and ball

The stick and the ball together cost $1.10. The stick costs 1 dollar more than the ball. How much does a ball cost?

2. Devices for creating widgets

5 devices produce 5 widgets in 5 minutes, how long does it take for 100 devices to produce 100 widgets?

3. Holes and a lake

There are holes in the lake. Every day, the holes in the lake are duplicated. The holes require 48 days to cover the entire surface of the lake. How many days do the holes require to cover half the surface of the lake?

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